The Book Launch Ceremony of “Lighting Ash” in Avicenna University

On Tuesday, 3 March 2016, the book “Lighting Ash”, authored by Ms. Zahra Yagana, was launched through a magnificent ceremony in Avicenna University. The ceremony was participated by students, fans, academics and university professors, including Dr. Mohammad Amin Ahmadi, AU chancellor, and Dr. Sima Samar, Head of Afghanistan Independent Human Rights Commission. During the event, Ms. Palvasha Hassan, human rights activist; Sayed Reza Mohammadi, director of Afghanistan Writers’ Union; and Daud Naji, Director of the Center for Social Studies delivered speeches. Ms. Hassan called the ‘Lighting Ash’ as the voice of Afghan women. She believed it was indicating maturity of women’s struggle and congratulated it to the author. Daud Naji believed the work was very important in terms of general critique. He said the courage that led to this work could pave the way for critiquing many cultural stereotypes. Sayed Reza Mohammadi appraised the book based on modern literary criticism as part of storytelling art and defined it as striking and successful. Closing the event, Ms. Zahra Yagana thanked the speakers, the publisher and Avicenna University.

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