Opening of Avicenna University solidarity tournament

Futsal tournament of Avicenna University, with the presence of Dr. Mohammad Jawad Heydari, vice chancellor of academic affairs, Dr. Mohammad Zahir Halimi, financial and administrative vice chancellor, heads of faculties, lectures, members of the student association and athletes, was opened on Saturday, 19th September 2022, at Nazari Sports Hall.

The program started with the recitation of the Holy Quran, followed by Dr Mohammad Zahir Halimi, Financial and Administrative vice chancellor, of Avicenna University, while thanking and welcoming the guests and participants, added that the massage of this tournament is to show the physical and intellectual ability of the athletes, on the other hand, purpose of the tournament is  social solidarity and bilateral  acceptance, and we should show this unity and bilateral acceptance, and we should act with decent behavior and good morals.

Subsequently, GhulamReza Shariati, representing the team of judges of the tournament, while thanking Avicenna University, explained the new FIFA rules to the players.

Finally, Mohammad Arif Hussaini, President of Avicenna University Students’ Association, while welcoming the guests, thanked and appreciated Avicenna University for supporting this tournament and hard work and perseverance of Mehdi Sadid, the head of the sports committee.