Holding a welcoming party for new students of Avicenna University

Welcoming party for the new students on September/12th/2022, with the presence of Dr. Mohammad Javad Heydari, Academic and Teaching chancellor, Dr. Mohammad Zahir Halimi, the chancellor of Finance and Administration, heads of faculties, professors, lecturers, and members of the student association, was held in Allameh Mohammad Ismail Hall.

Foremost, it started with the recitation of the verses of Holy Quran, and afterward, Dr. Halimi, while thanking the members of the student association for holding such a welcome party, said: According to the blessed verses of the Quran, “Allah does not change the condition of any nation until they, themselves change their condition.” change always starts by ourselves, we should not wait for the change that will be made by destiny or others and you must decide emphatically to be the most influential for society and for this nation; He considered foreign languages and computer skills as one of the needs of the society and encouraged new students to learn the skills.

Then, Dr. Mohammad Javad Haidari, the academic and teaching vice chancellor, while welcoming the new students, explained in details about educational regulations, promotional programs and scientific facilities of the university, also he reminded that in case of any possible problem, it will be solved by the relevant authority or by referring to the authorities. And students must act according to the university regulations and try to use the extracurricular educational and cultural programs of the university in addition to their daily programs. As final words, Dr. Haidari advised the students to make optimal use of their time and try to graduate from Avicenna University as a researcher.

Finally, Abbas Joya, representing the student association; He explained the best features, high scientific equipment and design of the new building of Avicenna University for the new students and also Ali Hussain Shojaei, on behalf of new students, expressed his satisfaction for acquiring new opportunities and using modern educational facilities of Avicenna University and he encouraged his co-academics to learn and acquire Science. The program was ended with declaiming poems and theatrical performance.