Afghanistan Workforce Development Program (AWDP) Kick off Ceremony Report

This publication was produced at the request of the United States Agency for International Development. It was prepared independently by Avicenna University.

Executive Summary:

Afghanistan Workforce Development Program is funded by United State Agency for International Development – USAID and is one of the best programs in capacity building and workforce which has been working in Afghanistan with different implementing partners/organizations and gladly Avicenna University is one of its partners since 2017.

Avicenna University has been established by a group of Afghan experts in 2004. It has been registered with Ministry of Higher Education with the registration number of 214, and has been involved in providing Higher Education services for Afghans. Avicenna University is a nongovernmental organization and no for profit in nature. Since 2014, Avicenna University is one of the leading universities in Afghanistan and popular in providing quality higher education.

Avicenna University has successfully implemented Kick-Off Ceremony in Kabul province by direct guidance, coordination, support and approval of AWDP. The event’s detail are as follow:


Details of the Ceremony

Kick Off Ceremony
Time 2:00 -3:30 pm
Date January 4, 2018
Attendees Private sector companies, representatives from Creative AWDP, C3 Team, Avicenna University Professors and Avicenna University Alumni and Last year students of Avicenna University.
Purpose Announcement of the startup of the Career Counseling Center
Venue Allama Mohammad Esmail Moballegh, Avicenna University


According to project plan, the Kick-off Ceremony for the C3 opening ceremony was held on January 4, 2018 at Avicenna University, District 3, Kabul, Afghanistan. Participants from different private sector companies, representative of AWDP, Avicenna University, C3 staff, Avicenna Alumni and last year students attended this ceremony, which was followed by below activities:

Starting of the Ceremony

The Afghanistan Workforce Development Program C3 Opening Ceremony started by Ms. Shirin Tawhidi, She welcomed the audience and has briefly described the event procedure.


Recitation of Holy Quran and National Anthem

The Kick-Off Ceremony officially started by recitation of some verses from Holy Quran by Mr. Sayed Mahdi Mosawi one of the attendees of the ceremony. After that the national anthem was played and all participants stood up to honor and respect the national anthem.


Welcoming notes and stating the purpose of the ceremony by Noor Mohammad Atapoor

The Ceremony is officially started at the designated time and the first speaker of the ceremony was the C3 Project Manager, Mr. Atapoor. He welcomed the participants; Dr. Ahmadi, Chancellor of the University, representative of the AWDP, reprsentatives of the Private Sector Entities, the University Alumni and Last Year Students and the C3 staff. He contintued with the explanining the purpose and importance of the project. Avicenna C3 project was clearly introduced to audiences with its all goals in extending services to the job seekers in terms of providing consulting services and upgradig job-seekers deman driven skills and a bility for the audiences. He also added some key notes on the importance of C3 in developing highly skillsful labor forces in Afghanistan. According to him, this project is very important for jobseekers to gain skills and increase their competitiveness in the job market, for the private sector entities to improve their business through recruiting skillsful labor force and for Avicenna University to expand their business, benefit the labor market and get popularity among other competitors.


Speech by Dr. Mohammad Amin Ahmadi, Chancellor of the University

Dr. Mohammad Amin Ahmadi, Chancellor of the University welcomed the participants; Mr. Azad representative of USAID/AWDP, Ustad Rezaee, Ustad Saramad and other representatives of private sector entities, the university alumni and last year students of the University. He appreciated AWDP for supporting the program in developing human resources in Afghanistan and requested the continuation of these kinds of the useful programs. He added that while the mandate of the university is not merely on skills development, rather equipping students with theories and thoughts which finally lead to the skills needed by the job market. He pointed out that Avicenna University is very successful in pursuing its mandate and got very high in ranking. He continued that Avicenna is always supporting these kinds of partnership and mentioned that there are some useful programs running in different areas at the University aside from the degree programs which will be converged with the C3 to pursue common goal of empowering the students and their marketability. These programs includes Center of Foreign Languages, Cisco Academy, Pearson VUE Authorized Test Center and Legal Clinic to name some of them.


AWDP representative discussed about role of workforce development program and explained AWDP grants and program objectives

Mr. Azad representative of AWDP welcomed the participants Dr. Amin Ahmadi Chancellor of Avicenna University, representatives of the Private Sector Entities, C3 Staff, Alumni and Last Year Students of Avicenna University. He first pointed out the role of AWDP in funding grants in the past and how they came about designing C3, the purpose of AWDP in running these kinds of grants, and what to expect from this program. He continued talking about the roles and activities of C3 in addressing the labor force needs and requirements and how this grant can bridge the gap between the labor force produced by the universities in Afghanistan and what the actual needs of the market is. He continued expressing his understanding from the shortages of skills in the market and motivating students to work on improving their skills to not only hunt jobs but jobs should be looking for you to hunt you. He added that AWDP is working on the strategy to empower private higher education institutes and universities to sustain these C3s. He finally mentioned that AWDP is supporting Avicenna University and hopefully Avicenna continues working on empowering job-seekers and graduates of the University.


Private Sectors Representative Speech, Hasan Rezaee

Mr. Hasan Rezaee welcomed the participants; Dr. Amin Ahmadi, Chancellor of Avicenna University, Mr. Azad representative of AWDP, representatives of the private entities, university alumni and students of the University. He appreciated AWDP and Avicenna University in opening such a needful center to help students gain market driven skills to find/create jobs.

He briefed about the situation of the students during the study period commenting that students in order to excel in their study period and most importantly in their future career have to put more pressure on studying more books and be active. Increase the volume of academic activities opening new thoughts and opportunities for them and create resourceful students with more critical thinking can lead to high academic performance and skillful students. Critical thinking is a very important characteristics for everyone and is critical for students, he said. He finally concluded that the business should consider the code of ethics and organizational behavior to lead the conventional business practices to professional business in Afghanistan.


Private Sectors Representative Speech, Hussain Saramad

Mr. Hussain Saramad one of the private entities representatives started with introducing himself and where he is working. He welcomed the participants; Dr. Amin Ahmadi, Chancellor of Avicenna University, Mr. Azad, Mr. Rezaee and other representatives of private entities, professors of Avicenna University, students of the University and other guests. He introduced Marefat High School as a non for profit entity pursuing high quality education and social services for the society.

He spoke about the intense competitive situation of the labor market and in this market only those who predict the market demand and conform with it will shine. He pointed out that private high schools and universities should consider job market in their curriculum as well as providing facilities and opportunities for their graduates to experiences working-environment during their studies. He continued his speech discussing the requirements in conforming their personal values with organizational values pursuing organizational vision through.

He expressed his organization willingness to support this C3 through providing jobs for their graduates, even announced some jobs and requested graduates to apply for those positions.


Closing of Ceremony, Tea Time

Finally the kick off ceremony get ended by distributing refreshments for students and alumni of the University and guest were guided to the C3 office for the tea.



The End of the Ceremony

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