An Economic Analysis of the Afghan Legislative System

The Law School of the Avicenna University and Afghanistan Law and Economics Association (AFLEA) at the first academic meeting in the new education year in 2018, arrange meeting about exhibition and critic a book.

This book discusses about Law and Economics or Economic Analysis of law, legal rules and Legislation system in Afghanistan.

Author have experience academic and studies in L & E for 10 years. Who is director of AFLEA and advisor in the National Assembly (the House of People) that important for practical analysis this field of study in the Afghanistan.

Meeting about Exhibition and Critique on the Book;

An Economic Analysis of the Afghan Legislative System

By; Mohammad Akhlaqi

Avicenna University

26 April 2018

Kabul – Afghanistan


First lecture by D. Ali Mohammad Mirzaei; Law assistant professor in Avicenna University and Advisor of Second Vice President of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan who has criticized the book.

Second lecture by D. Gholam Haidar Allamah; Law professor in Avicenna University and Deputy Attorney General for Trial, beside criticizing of this book, he has criticized and discussed on the Economic of Crime, Punishment and Prosecution.

Third lecture by Mohammad Akhlaqi; Author and Legal Advisor in the House of People (National Assembly of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan) defended the book and had a lecture on topic of Introduction and History of the Economics Analysis of Law, consequences of the Economic Approach in Law and Legislation Cycle in Afghanistan, Efficiency and other related discussion.

Forth lecture by Asef Shefaee; Economics Teaching Assistant and Director of Financial and banking Department in Avicenna University has discussed the book as well as Economic Analysis and consequences that on the law and legal system.

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