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Necessity and Mechanism for Public Support to University

Given the fact that Avicenna University is a non-profit organization, consequently the University founders shall not receive monetary benefits from its profits. In return, all the benefits belong to the university as an institute and shall be spent for its development and progress..

According to the law, the founders are not eligible to sell the University and it accordingly cannot be inherited. Thus, the Avicenna University is considered as a public-service organization and these organizations such as other organs with the same status like schools, mosques, and universities are developed through the cooperation of benefactors.

Regarding that and according to the University stakeholders, the only way for the fulfillment of this giant project is to attract public assistance’s. Avicenna University is willing to absorb public benefactors assistance’s to the construction of the permanent building of the university. To achieve this aim, the following initiations have been taken by the University:

a. Formation of a transparent system for activating public assistance’s. The result will be shown as the project proceeds.

b. Auditing and publicizing types of assistance received and their respective utilization’s.

c. Establishment of a trustee board from prominent figures to monitor financial affairs.


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