Goals & Objectives


  1. Constant improvement in educational quality of University
  2. Development of University status at national and regional levels
  3. Increase and capacity building of Faculty Members of University
  4. Building University Campus
  5. Increasing new fields of studies and regulating ( removal, reform, and uniting) present fields of studies
  6. Applying students capabilities
  7. Development in research section of University and commercializing it
  8. Development and expanding research activities of Faculty Members
  9. Publication of scholarly journals
  10. Establishment and maintenance of competitive strength in the provision of service
  11. Qualitative and quantitative development  of educational and research equipment
  12. Increasing livelihood quality of Faculty Members and other employees and compensating their service
  13. Attempting to find  fund and decreasing educational fees of students
  14. Taking into account the future employment of graduates