Pardis Farabi University Tehran

Signing Contract on Affiliation and Academic and Educational Cooperation between Avicenna and Pardis Farabi University, Tehran

Pursuant to its international cooperation mandate, Avicenna signed a cooperation agreement with Pardis Farabi University in Tehran on 7 March 2016, following a number of other MoUs with some celebrated regional and global universities. The MoU was signed in Pardis Farabi Campus in Tehran by Dr. Sayed Mohammad Moqimi, Chancellor of Pardis Farabi University and Dr. Mohammad Yahya Waqar, member of AU Board of Constituents and AU Academic Cadre (on behalf of Dr. Ahmadi, AU Chancellor). The document stipulates agreement on educational and research cooperation, holding joint academic seminars, publishing joint academic journals, conducting distant learning courses, exchanging students and professors between the two universities and other academic activities.

Let it be said that Pardis Farabi University, which is named after “Farabi”, the famous philosopher of the Islamic World and Eastern Civilization, was founded in 1970 and has grown considerably, offering disciplines such as Philosophy and Theology, Law, Management, Computer and Engineering. Holding 150 faculty members, the University is home to more than 8,000 students who are being educated in four faculties, at Bachelor’s, Master’s and Doctoral Levels. The MoU is expected to ensure further development for both universities through educational and academic cooperation.