Institute of Advanced Islamic Studies (IAIS) Malaysia

Signing MoU on Academic Cooperation between Avicenna and Institute of Advanced Islamic Studies (IAIS), Malaysia

In parallel with its successes and achievements at home, Avicenna has taken ambitious steps abroad, ascertaining its scientific and academic status as a credible Afghan university. Following a series of academic activities and contacts and signature of MoUs with foreign universities and institutes, Avicenna signed a memorandum of understanding with Malaysian Institute of Advanced Islamic Studies. The Memorandum was signed between Avicenna and the Kuala Lampur-headquartered IAIS in Malaysia in presence of Afghan Ambassador to Malaysia, Mr. Hatef Mal, by Dr. Ali Reza Rouhani, member of AU Board of Constituents, and Professor Mohammad Hashem Kamali, Director of Institute of Advanced Islamic Studies. The MoU envisages several areas of cooperation between the two academic institutions, including designing and implementing joint research projects by AU and IAIS researchers.

The Malaysian Institute of Advanced Islamic Studies is an outstanding and significant organization across the Islamic World for religious studies and legal researches. The Institute is headquartered in Malaysian City of Kuala Lampour, hosting professors and researchers from different countries such as Canada, Australia, England, Malaysia, etc. The Institute has been established through special support by former Malaysian prime minister and is headed by Professor Mohammad Hashem Kamali, a notable thinker of Afghan origin. Professor Kamali, for seventeen years, taught at International Islamic University of Malaysia, headed ISTAC, the most significant organization for research on Islamic subjects in Malaysia from 2002 to 2006, and served as member of Afghanistan’s Constitutional Review Committee.