Dr. Mohammad Amin Ahmadi, was born in 1964 in Urozgan Province. He has PHD in Philosophy from Tehran University, and outstanding university in the region, and has reputable work experience in Law in Afghan government and Philosophy for several years. He has twenty years of experience in teaching and research in his background starting from Tehran University until research in Islamic Culture and Sciences in Afghanistan. He has the credit to write tens of articles for academic and credible national and international magazine and well-recognized books including “Man’s Expectation and Religion”, “New Theology”, Realm of Beings in Analytical Philosophy (modern views on miracle). In Addition, He was a committee member to review constitution of Afghanistan, and a member of Leadership for Independence Commission to Oversee the Implementation of Constitution. He has been the Chancellor of Avicenna University since its establishment along with 12other professors who initially founded the University. Dr. Mohammad Amin Ahmadi was a key member of Kateb University, the first private university of Afghanistan, before establishing Avicenna University