Vision, Mission and Core Values


To be respected nationally and regionally as an academically elite university. Also we are to become recognized as one of top 50 Asian universities in the world.


Our mission is to train future elite national, regional, and international leaders in different fields.

Core Values:

  • To be committed in providing superb quality of higher education.
  • To practice and promote academic values such as- tolerance; respect to cultural diversity, religions, races and human rights
  • Equality of gender in higher education
  • Quality assurance in implementing our missions on practice.
  • Responsible leadership — to support our professors and students to become responsible
  • leaders demonstrating the highest levels of integrity and ethics, and professionalism
  • Freedom of thought and opinion, we want to create an environment that students and intellectual with different ideologies could accept each other, and provide a chamber for Excellent Performance — to recognize, encourage and enable staff, professors, and students to achieve highest possible supports to succeed in academic and work life.