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About the University
Avicenna University started to officially work as the first local nonprofit higher education institution under article 46 of the country’s constitution and under the regulation of establishing private higher education institutions of Ministry of Higher Education and according to other rules and regulations of this ministry in the year 2010 after gaining the license. Avicenna University first started its performance with four faculties of political sciences, social sciences, law, and economy and management. Majors like business economy, banking management and financial affairs, public and private laws, criminology and penal law, international relations, political thought, sociology, journalism, and philosophy (in general, not as an academic major) were taught in these four faculties in the undergraduate level. After establishment of the university, gradually engineering faculty with four departments of civil engineering, geologies and mining, architecture, and environmental engineering, and computer sciences faculty with two majors of software engineering and information technology were established and added to the academic credits of this institution.
This institution’s first provincial branch started to work in Mara-e Sharif in the year 2012. This branch performs with 5 faculties of political sciences, social sciences, law, computer sciences, and economy and management. Mara-e Sharif branch also is equipped with library, computer lab, and academic independent faculties. All the faculties which are taught in this institution with an exception of engineering faculty are the same in curricula and quality in Mara-e Sharif branch.
In the year 2013, Avicenna University succeeded to launch the master’s degree studies of international relations and in the following year (2014) succeeded to launch the master’s degree of law too. Efforts are running to launch the master’s degree for other majors and it is going to be done soon. Rich library, modern laboratories, equipped computer labs, all along with academic and perennial faculties, and professional management have changed Avicenna to a reliable, fresh, permanent, and having great future academic complex. Avicenna University, as a nonprofit higher education institution, has followed the inexpensive and high quality policy and now is happy to launch the student support and decreasing studies payment program in the year 2015 as a result of positive financial balance. In the year 2015, Avicenna University has done another great job in the development and high quality higher education universalization via a noticeable decreasing in studies tuitions (13000 in human studies, 20000 computer sciences, and 23000 in engineering).