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University of Avicenna officially started working as the first local nonprofit higher education institution in year 2010 after acquirement of license according to the order of article 46th of constitution and according to the regulation of establishment of private higher education institutions of Ministry of Higher Education and with consideration of other bills and regulations of this ministry.
Organizational structure of the university is generally divided in two official and educational parts. The head for both of them is the university’s chairmanship, which administrates the executive and educational affairs of the university through two vice chairmanships of official – financial and academic – educational. Faculties, students’ administration, library, IT, and academic research center are administrated by academic – educational vice chairmanship; and human resources, finance, supply, and guarding perform their duties under supervision of official – financial vice chairmanship.
A leading board exists in the head of official structure of University of Avicenna. The board of founders, academic board of the university, and boards of the faculties do the planning job, official and educational affairs of the university with higher supervision of the leading board. The leading board, as a nonpartisan and nonprofit organization, play a key role in proper official performance and exactness of promotional and routine programs of that.