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Lecturers and faculty members of social sciences faculty

  1. Mohammad Amin Ahmadi; Professional PhD in Islamic metaphysics and philosophy, having lecturing experience in Tehran University, 15 years academic research background, author of 5 books and 20 essays.
  2. Mohammad Jawad Sultani; Master of sociology, author and researcher.
  3. Zahra Lutfi; PhD in history.
  4. Sayed Hassan Husaini Akhlaqi; PhD in west philosophy, having lecturing experience in Mashhad higher education institutes, author and researcher.
  5. Zia Mowahed; PhD in philosophy from London College University, gaining professor academic degree, lecturer in Iran metaphysics and philosophy researching organization, guest lecturer in Ibni-Sina Institute of Higher Education.
  6. Hafizullah Shariati; PhD in language and literature, Master in social communication sciences, journalism branch, poet and author.
  7. Ali Yawar Akbari; PhD in social communication journalism branch.
  8. Mohammad Aslam Jawadi; Master in sociology, author and researcher.
  9. Ali Amiri; Master of philosophy, author and researcher.
  10. Sayed Nasir Ahmad Husaini; PhD in Islamic metaphysics and philosophy, author and researcher.
  11. Mohammad Husain Mohammadi; Master in television directory, having teaching background, author and researcher with translated texts in French, German, Turkish and Japanese languages.
  12. Mohammad Baqir Zaki; Master in sociology, author and researcher.
  13. Khadija Muradi; Master of Persian language and literature, author and researcher.
  14. Hanif Ali Rezaee; Master of English language teaching from Indiana University.
  15. Tahera Kawari; Master of English language teaching.