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From the advent, Avicenna University, as a non-profit, public service, and national academic center, has been determined to stand as the top university at national level.

One of its strategic plans to achieve this aim has been constructing of buildings with all requirements of a modern university. For that reason, from the beginning of the establishment of university, a piece of land located in Omid-e Sabz Township has been bought with the aim of constructing the permanent building of Avicenna University.The area, in which the land is located, had been described as the educational area in the Enacted plan of Omid-e Sabz Township. The land has been offered to Avicenna University with a reasonable price and in long term loans by Haji Mohammad Nabi Khalili, a prominent and benefactor figure.

All technical and architectural plans as well as estimation of costs has been prepared by cooperation of Omran Holding Group (OHG) and Project is on the verge of getting started.


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