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    •  Avicenna Students Association celebrated World Teachers’ Day

      Avicenna Students Association held a festival under the title of “Teachers: Dynamic Symbol of Thought and Intellectuality” in Allama Mohammad Ismaeel Moballegh Auditorium due to the occasion of “World Teachers’ Day” on Sep, 26 2017. Dr. Zaker Hossain Ershad, Vic-Chancellor in Academic Affairs of Avicenna University, has been the first who gave a speech and congratulated

    • Climate Change Project is over in AU photo_2018-01-18_15-16-16

      Project Overview The record of surface measurements of Afghanistan’s climate and hydrology has numerous gaps, owing to the country’s historical political instability, especially since the 1970s. This research will address for the first time Afghanistan’s challenges in transforming to an integrated approach for managing its water resources. The study has two main objectives. First, the

    • Afghanistan Workforce Development Program (AWDP) Kick off Ceremony Report 4

      This publication was produced at the request of the United States Agency for International Development. It was prepared independently by Avicenna University. 1 Executive Summary: Afghanistan Workforce Development Program is funded by United State Agency for International Development – USAID and is one of the best programs in capacity building and workforce which has been working in Afghanistan with different

    • Review ceremony thum

      The Law Faculty of Avicenna University & Avicenna University Student Association Holds the Fallowing: Review ceremony of the following books: Family Law (comparative study of Afghanistan Law with Hanafi & Imami Jurisprudence) compilation of Dr. Abdulhussain Rasoli; Professor of Avicenna University International Commercial Arbitration Law, compilation of Assistant professor Mohammad Eshaq Rahimi & Dr. Abdulwahid

    • Critique and Review of Afghanistan Criminal Codes Untitled-1

      Avicenna University law Faculty in Cooperation with Students Government Association holds: A Seminar on Critique and Review of Afghanistan Criminal Codes. Speakers: Dr Ghulam Haidar Allama Dr Abdulwhab Karimi Dr Hamidullah Ghulami Dr Ahmad Reza Sadiqi When: Thursday, Sept 20, 2017 . From 2 to 4 pm. Where: Kart e Char, opposite to the Ministry

    • Universal reflection of one student activity from Avicenna University thumb

      Abdul Nasir Folad is a postgraduate student of international relationship of political science of Avicenna University. Folad during four years of university beside of academic and class activities, introduced as an active student over the university. One of his achievements in university was establishing of ‘Student gathering’ in Avicenna university that in fact by his

    • Long steps towards sagacity Untitled-1

      Signing a cooperation contract between Avicenna University and Chinese Confucius Organization branched in Kabul University Sagacity is not possible without language knowledge. Language knowledge is a preparation for knowing of culture, history, education, and humanity’s civilization. Language, in addition to a symbolic and systematic discipline of knowing and understanding of phenomena is also a tool

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